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The First Day of the Rest of My Life!

Run, Forest…RUN! That’s what I titled my email to all my colleagues at Pearson to let them know that I have resigned and that tomorrow is my last day as a textbook sales rep. A noble job, yes, but one that seemed to get increasingly more frustrating to me as my inner cap man was trying to come out! If you’ve read my bio then you know my story…former math teacher turned house restorer turned publishing consultant, the cancer thing, the art thing starts, turned textbook sales rep, the art thing still happening along with the book rep thing and then about two weeks ago I finally listen to the universe and decided to resign and go full-time cap man! And you know what surprised me…it wasn’t very hard to do. I guess that is the way it works when you really know it’s time. Don’t get me wrong…my wife and I have been talking about busting free ever since I was undergoing chemo. We would tell the doctors and nurses that after I finished chemo we were going to just travel for a year or two…I didn’t think it would be 12 years later but it was and you know what…that’s okay. I heard a great bluegrass song the other day…can’t remember who it’s by but the chorus is, “if here is where you are right now then here is where you are supposed to be.” And you know what…it’s true, because 12 or 8 or 5 or a year ago wasn’t the right time for this, but now it is.

I’ve had tons of support from family and friends and most people ask the obvious…”well, now what are you going to do?”. Good question I think to myself. But I usually just answer with one of my quotes that I put on my mountain paintings…”breathe”. It’s funny how the universe works. A few weeks ago we took the bottle cap truck and camper up to Black Mountain North Carolina to do some camping and just think about what we really wanted to do. We camped next to a lady who was considering leaving her job and just take a year or so off…hmmm does this sound familiar? We only had a chance to talk with her for a few minutes as we were headed off on a hike with our five year old. But she talked about how she knew that is what she wanted/needed to do but it was scary. That night Laura and I sat around our camp fire talking about our escape and what we would do and how fun it would be to just leave and pursue art full-time. Now here is where it gets interesting. Early the next morning I awoke to someone saying to our neighbor that she just needed not to worry so much, trust the universe and “breathe”. I’m not kidding when I say that as I was waking up to this it sounded more like a voice from above talking to me…honestly, I’m still not sure. As I sit here writing this I get chills and misty eyed…the next week I decided that I would just trust the universe and breathe.

So here I am writing my first of many blogs about what the universe has in store for me…the “cap man”. I have to tell you it feels right and I am planning on putting good thoughts out in front of me for myself and my family and am trusting that it will be an incredible journey!

Bless you all…cap man

PS If anyone ever wants to come visit me and check out my art and studio or just kick back and talk about life here in Winterville, please feel free. Just give me a call or send me an email.

Written on November 5th, 2010. Comments Off on The First Day of the Rest of My Life!

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